100% Herbal Organic Dyeing Towel Set 6 Pieces Grey

$95.00 USD $47.00 USD

  • It is produced with natural dyeing technique. It is painted with vegetable dye obtained from organic olive tree, which does not harm people and the environment. Our product consists of 100% cotton yarn. Package content consists of
  • 2 pieces of 33x33cm Guest Towels,
  • 2 Pieces of 46x76cm Hand Towels,
  • 2 Pieces of 76x137cm Bath Towels,
  • a total of 6 pieces of towels. Organic products are produced to protect nature, the health and future of our children. Lilac color-Lavender organic dyeing,Gray color Indigo organic dyeing,Cream color-Lemon organic dyeing Pink-Rose,Light Green color -Olive organic dyeing,Beige-Walnut organic dyeing