Manterol Blanket GALA FLORES WHITE

$78.00 USD


Printed velvet blanket.

Being woven by manufacturing systems exclusive of Manterol the result is a closed drawing garment.

The garment is made with a pre-shrink and antipeelling treatment, which avoids unpleasant surprises during the life of the product, as long as the washing and care instructions are carefully followed.

Its elegant tailoring with Jacquard ribbon in tune with the garment, are important details that give a great differentiation from other more basic products to decorate your bed.¶ÿIt also has rounded bottom corners.

The blanket is manufactured in different models and colors and is available for all sizes of double bed.¶ÿWoven in Raschel looms and manufactured in our factory in Ontinyent (Valencia, Spain) is one of the best alternatives to decorate any room with a product of quality and design hardly comparable.


Blanket: 260x240cm

Manterol Casa recommends all its customers to follow carefully the instructions of washing and conservation of the garment, as well as to preserve the original case to use it between seasons to store the product correctly.